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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ordet - Perfect

Ordet is a movie about faith. It really questions the faith we have to the extremest measures possible. Men and women of various levels of faith are shown for instance there is the man and wife, the man being a non believer while the wife is a believer 100%. Then there is the father who hopes he has faith but doesn't know because he is again, tested extremely because of his mentally ill son.

The movie seemed ok for the better half but I wasn't getting the concept of faith totally which Dreyer was trying to put across. Some where around the mid point of the movie, I would have thought I would give this movie a rating of around 5. It slowly shifted to 8 as the movie treaded along. Fifteen minutes after I had watched the movie, I finally got the concept exactly as the director was trying to put across and the movie seemed perfect to me.

It is a great piece of art. I don't think it is possible to depict the concept of faith any better than this movie has done and thus I give it a rating of 10/10. This movie is timeless.

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